Cast Steel Nodes

Cast Steel Nodes

Accessories Weight: 5~60 t

Application Equipment: large-span spatial steel tube truss structure

Application Industry: machinery industry

Main Materials: ASTM: 1320 / DIN: GS-20Mn5 / NF: 20M5

Customized or not: Yes

Product introduction

Cast steel nodes now are widely used in large span structural steel of pipe truss because of its excellent machining and various architectural modeling. It has unique advantages, especially deal with the part where the joints get together. Nowadays, it was applied in railway station, high-speed railway station, airport, stadium constructing.

1. Cast steel nodes made by us uses the technic of particular heat treatment, which makes its structure optimized, its hardness improved, its wear-resistant and anti-impacting enhanced.

2. The place where steel pipes get together is molded directly, which makes the steel frame load more reasonable, the overall frame more stable, overcoming the harmful impact to overall frame due to the stress caused by centralized weld.

Product protection

From day one,GREAT WALL Machinery has been seeking win-win solutions together with our customers by creating an extensive service network.

At the core of our service system is a professional team that delivers standard, high-efficiency, and consistently good-quality services. Presently, our service network covers Central China, East China, Southern China, Northern China, and Northwestern China, among various other regions. As our sale is still on the increase, we take steps to improve our after-sales service system. At the moment, we are expanding our service area beyond China to countries all over the world.


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