New Type of Lime Kiln Tendency

Due to the temptation of 20% growth of lime demand for calcium carbide, steel industry, a lot of kilns are put into use in the market. But the production technology and product quality can't meet the need of modern production; the activity degree of product is low, mild and excessive calcination cannot be controlled give rise to fuel consumption and serious environmental pollution.

As a result, the new environmental protection lime kiln is sure to replace the original old lime kiln.

Xinxiang Great Wall lime kiln advantage

Rotary kiln mainly consist of feeding system preheating calcination system, cooling system, finished product storage systems, exhaust gas treatment system,pulverized coal preparation system and air compressor system.

01activity is higher than the traditional shaft kiln 30ml

The material heated evenly in the revolving lime kiln, the probability of mild and excessive calcination is low. The lime activity degrees produce by lime rotary kiln is higher than the shaft kiln.

02Production capacity reach up to 1500 t/d

The lime kilns produced by Great Wall Machinery have large capacity, the output can reach to 1500t/d, operating well to guarantee enterprise up-scaling and reduce the production cost.

03Gas fuel, energy saving and environmental protection

Great Wall lime kiln belongs to open type calcine equipment, advanced manufacturing technique,lower energy consumption than the old lime kiln calcine system, more environmental protection for adopts the exhaust blast furnace gas.

04Auto-control reduce the labor cost

Auto-control by using DCS remote control system, only need 2-3 operating personnel in the whole line.

05Good quality of finished products, low probability of mild and excessive calcination

Product quality is uniform, the probability of mild and excessive calcination less than 8%.

Comparison of Lime Kilns on The Market

Great Wall kilns shaft kilns earth kilns
Capacity(t/d) 200-1200 50-300 10-70
Raw material
15-50mm 40-80mm 70-250mm
Standard coal
≧180kg/t 120-145kg/t 200-300kg/t
Lime activity 330-400ml(he influence of fuel ash and sulfur content increase on lime activity is not obvious) 260-300ml(he increase of fuel ash and sulfur content significantly reduce lime activity) 200-240ml(he increase of fuel ash and sulfur content significantly reduce lime activity)
Ignition loss less than 5% about 10% 20%

Active Lime Production Line System

Great Wall Machinery can supply 200-1500t/d active lime production line EPC, the one stop "turnkey" service that provide from scientific reports, design, equipment, construction, installation, commissioning, reach production targets. Welcome customers to call us:+86-371-55019608.

working principle

Qualified limestone particles(20-50mm) be ascended by the hoist and transported into stock bin at the top of the preheater. Stock bin feeding amount be controlled by the up and down two material level meters. Material distributed by tremie pipe to all indoor in preheater. The limestone was heated to about 900℃ by kiln flue gas with temperature in 1150℃ in preheater, about 30% was decomposed and pushed by the hydraulic rod into the rotary kiln. The limestone was decomposed into CaO and CO2 and discharged out of the cooler after cooled to below 100℃ by blowing cold air. The hot air with temperature in 600℃ after the heat exchange enter into the kiln and mixed firing with coal gas.

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Project Address:Guangxi

Host Model:φ4.0×60m lime kiln

Customer Feedback:Customer is satisfied with us that Great Wall rotary kiln has a significant contribution for the whole line of lime production.

Technical Parameters

CAPACITY(t/d) 200 300 400 600 800 1000
PRODUCTS(t/d) active lime active lime active lime active lime active lime active lime
PREHEATER specification RS-6.5×3.4 RS-6.5×3.4 RS-6.5×3.4 RS-6.5×3.4 RS-6.5×3.4 RS-6.5×3.4
pushrod number 6 8 10 12 16 18
ROTARY KILN specification Φ2.8×42M Φ3.3×50M Φ3.6×56M Φ4×60M Φ4.3×66M Φ4.8×68M
effective volume(m3) 190 292 430 575 738 1005
rotate speed(r/min) 0.45-2.22 0.2-1.9 0.22-1.57 0.48-1.57 0.21-1.57 0.19-1.98
COOLER specification LS-3×3 LS-3.6×3.6 LS-3.8×3.8 LS-4.1×4.1 LS-4.7×4.7 LS-5.2×5.2
feed temperature 1100±50℃ 1100±50℃ 1100±50℃ 1100±50℃ 1100±50℃ 1100±50℃
discharge temperature <100℃ <100℃ <100℃ <100℃ <100℃ <100℃
SYSTEM THERMAL CONSUMPTION(kj/kg lime) 5200 5200 5100 5000 5000 5000
ACTIVITY DEGREE (50g,4NHCL,10MIN) ≥360ML ≥360ML ≥360ML ≥360ML ≥360ML ≥360ML

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