Should we choose vertical kiln or rotary kiln for lime production line? How much is it?

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As a manufacturer specializing in the production of large-scale kiln grinding equipment, we often encounter users asking "How much does it cost to build a lime production line?", "Is the cost recovery of a lime kiln production line fast?", "Is it better to use a vertical kiln or a rotary kiln for a lime production line?" Waiting for questions, this is because the demand for cement and lime in the market has been relatively large in recent years, so the processing equipment for producing cement and lime is also relatively popular. 

We will give an explanation on the investment and main equipment of the lime production line.

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1. Should I choose vertical kiln or rotary kiln for lime production line?

The vertical kiln refers to a thermal equipment that continuously calcinated clinker with the upper part feeding materials and the lower part discharging materials. Although this equipment has a simple process and low investment, the temperature distribution in the kiln is uneven, which easily produces under-fired and over-fired products, and the output of the vertical kiln is small. At the same time, there are certain restrictions on the block size of raw materials in the kiln. Crushed materials (<30mm) cannot be used for calcination in the vertical kiln, resulting in a waste of resources.

Lime rotary kiln, also known as xuan kiln, compared with vertical kiln, lime rotary kiln has a higher degree of automation and reduces labor costs. It not only uses a vertical preheater with low pressure loss, which can effectively improve the preheating effect and production efficiency, but also The quality of the lime produced is very good, the lime activity is ≥300 (ml), and the product quality is uniform, and the raw and over-burning rate is <8%. The most important thing is that the lime rotary kiln has a large output, and the general single-line production capacity can reach 1500t/d.

It can be seen that the lime rotary kiln has an advantage in building a lime production line.

2. How much does it cost to build a lime production line?

In fact, there are many factors that affect the price of lime production lines. Generally, rotary kiln manufacturers need to base their quotations on the user’s raw material strength requirements, production fuel selection, daily output requirements, equipment model, manufacturer’s investment, and profit when customizing equipment quotations. A comprehensive assessment will be made based on multiple factors such as how much you earn, and finally a market quotation will be given. For example, the higher the user's requirements for raw materials and the greater the output, the more expensive the price will naturally be; in addition, users invest in lime production lines in exchange for higher profits, and rotary kiln manufacturers also manufacture lime kilns for profit, so manufacturers Equipment sales and own profits will also affect the manufacturer's quotation.