Rotary Kiln Tyre

Rotary Kiln Tyre

Accessories Weight: 1~60 t

Application Equipment: Rotary kiln

Application Industry: machinery industry

Main Materials: ASTM: 1320 / DIN: GS-20Mn5 / NF: 20M5

Customized or not: Yes

Product introduction

Process introduction

The kiln tyre is one of the main parts of rotary kiln equipment. The function of the Tyre is to transfer all the weight of the cylinder body to the supporting roller, and make the cylinder rotate smoothly on the roller, so the Tyre should be powerful and durable enough. CHAENG can produce all kinds of kiln tyre according to the drawings and sizes provided by customers.


According to the customer’s requirement, CHAENG choose the appropriate wooden model for design, and make the CAE casting simulation before real casting. All the casting is making in strict accordance with the process of “wooden model—sand moulding—smelting & casting pouring—heat preservation—cleaning—heat treatment—rough finishing &fine finishing—package & delivery”, for the high quality tyre casting.

Product protection

Product Advantages

1. High tensile strength and good durability
The Tyre of rotary kilns produced by the CHAENG are made of ZG45 and ZG42CrMo, which can guarantee its strength and toughness, the function of support can be well performed.
2. It adopts advanced dual medium quenching process in the casting process, which has high adaptability.
The kiln Tyre produced by CHAENG adopts the advanced double medium quenching process, which makes it with features of even casting, high quenching hardness and toughness. This makes the Kiln Tyre has good wear resistance and can be adapt to all kinds of bad working environment.
3. The structure is simple for daily maintenance.

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