CHAENG passed the Level-B assessment environmental protection

News Date:2020-04-02 15:55:00

In accordance with the requirements of the Henan Province's Pollution Control Plan for the Foundry Industry in 2019 issued by the Department of ecological environment of Henan Province, Since June 2019, CHAENG has carefully checked every production link, waste gas treatment link and plant appearance of the company. And we invited experts from China Foundry Association and Henan Provincial Foundry Association to conduct on-site guidance, and developed a scientific governance plan for the special working conditions of large-scale steel castings. CHAENG has invested more than 10 million yuan in total, basically completed in-depth governance, and achieved significant results. In 2019, it successfully passed the inspection by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment for the level-B enterprises and exempt exporting enterprises.

Closed isolation of each process in the workshop

Following the trend of green development of the industry, CHAENG actively explores all aspects of foundry technology, workshop equipment, etc., divides and isolates each functional area of the workshop, introduces environmental protection equipment, and improves production processes, etc. CHAENG has formulated and implemented a series of Effective environmental protection measures.

As a large-scale foundry base in the northern part of Henan Province, CHAENG has been positioned as a “high-end foundry” enterprise development concept since the beginning of the plant. During the actual production development process, it has continuously innovated and upgraded casting technology to achieve green casting and effectively promote the company. Both production development and environmental protection are favorable. As an excellent environmental protection enterprise in the foundry industry, CHAENG's environmental protection and economic development have gone hand in hand and achieved a win-win development.

Large bag dust collector

In the future, CHAENG will continue to uphold its original intention and provide customers with high-quality steel products and services using more advanced and environmentally friendly production processes.

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