Annual Production of 600,000t Slag Powder Production Line of Guangdong Yuehai Building Materials Co.

News Date:2016-02-29 15:03:40

1.jpgI. Project overview

Project company: Guangdong Yuehai building materials Co., Ltd

Project address: No.27, East Shajiao Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City

Contracting mode: General contracting---turnkey project

Host configuration: GRMS 46.41 slag vertical roller mill

Production capacity: Annual production of 600,000t slag powder

II. Project configuration

1. Iron separator

Adopting high-efficiency iron separator can effectively iron-extracting in the materials, and then collecting them, at the same time of protection equipment, the extracted iron can also be recycled for maximum economic benefits.

2. Dust collector

Production line adopts advanced dust collection equipment, can effectively separate slag powder and hot air. Through hot air is not directly exhausted, but for recycling, and environment quality is improved, cost-saving effect is remarkable.

3. Center control system of slag powder production line

Production line adopts center control system to all-around control and monitoring, and technical personnel has timely control ability to equipment, who can timely adjust production state or find some issues in advance.

III. Project analysis

Since this GGBS production line to be built and put into operation, brings excellent economic benefits to enterprise, the equipment runs stably, with stable output and quality.

This production can also be used to produce other types of products, let enterprise adjusts strategic layout timely, produces hot products, and creates economic benefits according to market condition.

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