What is slag pot?

News Date:2016-03-23 13:34:16

Slag pot is also called casting ladle, slag bucket, or slag ladle. It is important container holding high temperature liquid steel slag in the process of steel making, the main structure contain parts of tank, lug, Supporting foot, Tilting arm etc.

Great Wall casting can cast a single weight 5-79 tons of slag pot, make technology innovation based on years of experience in casting that effectively prolong the service life of slag pot up to 600-800 times. Our steel casting slag pots are exported to vast region, consequently, we have many client cases at home and abroad.

Strong capabilityof casting

Great Wall Casting has strong production and processing capacity, advanced facilities and fully equipment. We have two sets of 60 tons basic electric arc furnace, molding area covers 9,600m2 and annual production capacity of 30000 tons.

Great Wall Casting also provide finish machining for steel castings. It has φ8m heavy double-column vertical lathe, φ6.3 m vertical lathe and φ8m gear hobbing machine imported from Russian, Czech T6920 landing boring-milling machine and domestic TX220 floor type boring-milling machine, 6625Y (2.5m × 8.0m) gantry milling machine imported from Russia, domestic 120 × 3000 heavy CNC Universal Machine, and other processing equipment.

Reliable product quality

By China Casting CAE software numerical simulation technology, make process analysis and quality prediction in the forming process of product, effectively shorten the casting time.

Great Wall Casting is located in a transport hub city, which can ensure our products are delivered to the nearest shipping ports as soon as possibly

Fast delivery

Excellent welding technology prompt trunnion alloy steel and carbon steel of tank that two kinds of material perfect fusion.

Advanced detection equipment ensure good immanent quality of slag pot that avoid cracking and wearout of tank accidents. (Ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspection level can reach 2nd level of national standard.)

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