Pulverized coal grinding station equipment announcement of the pulverized coal producing process

News Date:2016-03-29 09:29:38

Big scale Power Plant is mainly used the pulverized coal boiler, so there are appeared a lot of pulverized coal mill station

on the market to produce the qualified quality pulverized coal ,to meet the powder plant’s daily electricity demand. Pulverized coal grinding station mainly machines included: coal mill, coal conveying equipment, coal unloading equipment, material piling and taking machine etc. The pulverized coal grinding system is the core of the pulverized coal grinding station.

Due to the characteristics of pulverized coal in the inflammable and explosive and the requirement to the degree of fineness, during the process of pulverized coal preparation, its technical requirements are high.

Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd. As the domestic first-class grinding system supplier, over the years committed to the research and production of pulverized coal grinding system, the pulverized coal grinding system project engineer of Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery provides the detailed introduction for us.

1、 The fineness of pulverized coal must be guaranteed

The pulverized coal fineness is more higher the faster burning velocity, the smaller incomplete combustion loss, so we can improve the efficiency of boiler accordingly (if the boiler is using economic fineness of pulverized coal all the time, then each set of boiler with 600MWcan save the coal billions of tons per year)

To solve the pulverized coal too thick problem, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd. lunched the coal roller mill, this machine combined with senior experts at home and abroad and also scientific research institutes developed the energy saving , lower consumption new type machine : vertical mill ,this vertical mill adopted the optimizing grinding technology ,so make sure the fineness and uniformity of pulverized coal ,its composite separator increasing greatly the efficiency of powder selecting. The roller’s diameter of the vertical mill is big, resistance is small ,so there is better contribute characteristic ,low power consumption, it is the first choice of new type coal mill .

2、 Pulverized coal grinding station must adopt a variety of measures to prevent the explosion occurred in the process of pulverized coal making

In the system of making pulverized coal, the pulverized coal was transported by air, if the mixed gas met sparkle there will be a pulverized coal explosion. In a closed system ,the explosion pressure can meet 0.35Mpa, so the consequences were very serious if any explosion. But how can we prevent it?

1) the higher temperature ,the easier explosion . So we should strictly control the temperature of mixed gas during the way out. The moisture of pulverized coal usually reflected on the temperature of coal mill outlet air, In actual movement, should control the temperature of mixed gas according to the different kinds of coal.

2)in the pulverized coal system there should have a an angle when installation of the pulverized coal pipe,try to make sure no horizontal pipe , no blind angle, the flow velocity should not be too low,in the pipe of pulverized coal ,should reduce the throttling sedimentary to avoid the pulverized coal accumulation and caused explosion.

3) Can adopt the CO detection device to forecasting the pulverized coal spontaneous combustion and explosion.

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