How to reduce the gas wear and tear of slag vertical grinding mill?

News Date:2018-01-15 14:59:35

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Wear characteristics of slag vertical mill wear squeeze both wear and jet wear. Squeeze wear mainly occurs on the grinding parts and slip occurs, and jet wear occurs mainly inside the mill parts subjected to air-jet dust carried.

Slag vertical mill shell wear wear liner, separator rotor blades, static blades are made of composite wear-resistant steel, the main roll of protective sleeve is also wear-resistant steel, the roller shaft and the mill shell by Soft rubber seal, normal work, the main roller up and down displacement, soft rubber sealing performance is poor, under the action of a strong negative pressure in the mill, the mill formed in this air leakage, strong air flow will be here to wear resistant steel erosion, mill this point The most serious wear and tear, In addition, the mill circulating air flow caused by strong erosion of other parts, can not be ignored.

During overhaul, we found that the main roller shaft and the lower part of the soft connection seal were ground with a pit of about 10 mm in shape like a hat, which may wear out of the shell if not repaired in time. We use the opportunity to overhaul the separator, the lining of the mill inspection, maintenance, to ensure the reliability of vertical mill operation and reduce the harm of wear on the opposite mill.

Operation, according to the actual situation to adjust the frequency of the main fan speed, mill pressure drop, into the mill negative pressure, the negative pressure mill can reflect the size of the wind and wind speed. Large pressure drop, negative pressure, said a large wind speed, large air volume; the other hand, the corresponding small wind speed wind speed. The stability of these parameters indicates the stability of the air volume, thus ensuring the stability of the material bed

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