Chaeng φ4.8 × 74m cement rotary kiln four structural characteristics of the interpretation of good

News Date:2018-01-19 13:33:06

Chaeng φ4.8 × 74m  cement rotary kiln unique structural advantages, making it has excellent overall performance, strong market performance, much customer praise. Chaeng φ4.8 × 74m cement rotary kiln in the structure has the following main features:

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1. The barrel is rolled with a stabilized steel Q235-C steel plate that guarantees five mechanical properties (σs, σb, δ%, αk and cold-bend test) and is usually welded using an automatic weld. Cylinder wall thickness: generally 28mm, burning zone is 32mm, under the belt is 80mm, from the wheel to the cross between the 60mm, 55mm thick transition section, so that the cylinder design more reasonable, both guaranteed The rigidity of the cross-section also improves the stressed state of the support device. In the cylinder into the discharge side are equipped with high temperature, wear-resistant kiln mouth guard. The kiln head guard and the cold wind jacket form an annular split sleeve space, and the non-working face of the kiln head guard is cooled by blowing air from the bell mouth to the cylinder, so as to facilitate the long-term safety work of the part. The cylinder is surrounded by three rectangular solid belts. The gap between the belt and the cylinder pad is determined by the amount of thermal expansion. When the kiln is in normal operation, the belt can be properly sleeved on the cylinder to reduce the radial deformation of the cylinder. In order to ensure reliable operation of the two-stage supporting device near the kiln head, an cylinder cooling jacket is installed under the two-stage belt of the kiln head.

2. Using hydraulic thrust gear device to withstand the sliding force of the whole kiln, the device can promote the kiln upward movement. The correct distribution of the span between support points makes the design of each gear bearing device more reasonable. Each bearing is equipped with temperature measuring device. The working temperature of the bearings are displayed directly at the scene, and check in the control room.

3. Drive system with a single drive, high starting torque cement industry rotary kiln dedicated DC motor drive hard tooth surface three cylindrical gear reducer, and then drive the open kiln gear, the transmission device using SHM930 Diaphragm In order to increase the smoothness of the transmission, an auxiliary transmission connected with the security power supply can ensure the operation of the disk kiln even when the main power supply is interrupted, preventing the cylinder from bending and facilitating the overhaul.

The main motor tail with a speed generator to indicate the kiln's actual speed.

4. Kiln seal with gas seal shell, labyrinth plus spring steel seal. Through the bell mouth into the right amount of cold air cooling shield cold air from the top row after the heat; by overlapping heat spring steel moderate compression cold wind sleeve body to ensure that when the kiln head cylinder slightly yaw Still able to maintain the sealing effect.

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