How much of chaeng GRMS slag vertical mill that produce S95 ?

News Date:2018-01-23 13:31:08

Granulated blast furnace slag powder referred to as slag powder or slag, is granulated blast furnace slag to a certain degree of fineness and dried powder obtained, it is an excellent cementitious material, can be equivalent to replace the cement production process The amount of clinker. According to the finished product fineness and activity index and other indicators can be divided into slag powder S105, S95, S75 three levels.

GRMS slag vertical mill

Chaeng GRMS slag vertical mill grinding slag, slag surface area up to 550 m 2 / kg, up to the national standard S95 activity level. The S95 grade ore powder produced by GRMS slag vertical mill is used to restrain the hydration heat of concrete in concrete, improve the impermeability of concrete, improve the sulfate resistance of concrete, restrain the alkali aggregate reaction in concrete and improve the workability of concrete , Is an excellent choice for producing high performance concrete.

Chaeng has a variety of models of GRMS slag vertical mill, from annual output of 10 to 1.5 million tons slag grinding plant, each model price is also different

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