Material selection requirements for ball mill liners

News Date:2020-03-17 15:18:05

The ball mill lining is mainly used to protect the cylinder, and it also affects the movement of the grinding body. Different types of linings can adjust the movement state of the grinding body, thereby enhancing the grinding effect of the grinding body on the material, and helping to improve the grinding of the ball mill. effectiveness. In order to adapt to the working state of crushing or fine grinding, the shape of the ball mill liner and the material requirements of the ball mill liner are also different.

ball mill liners

In the crushed state, the ball mill liner is required to have good impact resistance. The ball mill liner has a strong ability to lift the grinding body. Most of them will be cast with high manganese steel because high manganese steel has strong impact resistance and the surface can Cold work hardens and becomes hard and abrasion resistant.

When in the finely ground state, the protrusion of the ball mill lining is relatively small, the pushing effect on the grinding body is weak, the impact force is small, and the grinding effect is strong. The lining is required to have good abrasion resistance. Domestic manufacturers generally choose Ground iron, chilled cast iron and other materials.

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