Cement Ball Mill

Raw material mill

【Application Industry】: Cement Plant
【Output】:21~210 t/h
【Effective Volume】: 29.5~185 m3
【Power Consumption】: 17~22kWh/t

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1. less investment and quick benefit

Being a kind of very mature mill, raw material mill is widely used in cement industry. It is cheap and suitable for cement plant with less investment to put into production very soon.

2. special streamline design

The big end cover and discharge system of the raw material mill adopt special streamline design, which reduces the air resistance and increases the effective volume, so it is easy to discharge and the yield of raw meal improves.

3. more effective structural design

The raw material mill is single-chamber, and the liner in the mill adopts modular design, using different liner structures at different stages of the mill, so the grinding efficiency improves significantly.

4. free and flexible working manner

The raw material mill can adopt edge drive or center drive according to different models, so the configuration is very flexible. It can not only be used to dry process production, but also can be used to wet process production. It can also grind and stove the materials simultaneously.


raw material mill.jpg

The raw material mill usually adopts two ways: edge drive and center drive. The materials enter the mill continuously and evenly through the feeder, and the motor drives the cylinder to rotate via the reducer. Firstly, the materials enter the first cabin spirally through the hollow shaft. Due to the rotation of the cylinder, frictional force and centrifugal force generate between steel balls and materials and cylinder. Under the effect of centrifugal force, the materials are brought to a certain height, and the materials scatter and drop in a material curtain form, then struck and grinded by steel balls. The sorting equipment selects qualified materials from the grinded finished product, and in the circulation grinding system, the unqualified materials are sent back to the mill and struck and grinded by the grinding media until the fineness is qualified.


Model Output Rotate speed Feeding size Grinding media load Effective volume Drive mode Motor Gearbox Weight
m t/h r/min mm t kW t
Φ2.4×7.5 21-23 20.4 ≤25 37.5 29.5 edge 475 CZD80 76
Φ2.4×10 30 20.4 ≤25 50 39 edge 570 MBY630 94
Φ2.6×8 20-24 19.57 ≤25 52 38.1 edge 630 MBY630 97
Φ2.6×9 (closed-circuit) 42 19.57 ≤25 58 42.7 edge 710 MBY710 125
Φ3.0×9 28-32 18.3 ≤25 78 57.4 edge 1000 MBY630 150
Φ3.4×7.5 60 16.9 ≤25 80 58 edge 1000 MBY710 167
Φ3.8×7.5 90 17 ≤25 95 91.8 edge 1600 JDX900 218 (excluding  motor)
Φ4.0×9 120-140 16 ≤25 140 106 edge 1800 JDX1000 269
Φ4.6×10+3.5 190 15 ≤25 190 177 center 3550 JS150-B 352 (excluding driving parts)
Φ4.6×10.5+3.5 210 15 ≤25 200 185 center 3550 JS150-B 358 (excluding driving parts)


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Project company: Chongqing Jinjiang Cement Co., LTD

Project address: Jinlong Science &Technology Industrial Zone, Tongliang County, Chongqing City

Main engine: Ball mill

Production capacity: 5000t/d cement grinding

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