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Lime Rotary Kiln

【Product description】: Rotary Lime kiln is the main equipment which is widely used for calcined active lime production.
【Product capacity】: 100-1500 t/d
【Motor Power】: 160-630 kW
【Product application】: Active lime production line, cement production line and calcium carbonate decomposition production line, etc.

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1. Activity is higher than the traditional shaft kiln 30ml

2. Production capacity reaches up to 1500 t/d

3. Auto-control reduce the labor cost

Auto-control by using DCS remote control system, only need 2-3 operating personnel in the whole line.

4. Good quality of finished products, the probability of mild and excessive calcination less than 8%.

5. Gas fuel, energy saving and environmental protection



lime rotary kiln Principle.jpg

The lime rotary kiln process is the material will be fed into the kiln tail through the chute in the gas chamber. As the kiln shell is inclined and rotates slightly, material will move along the round shell and move along shaft direction from kiln tail to kiln head. The material will be processed through pre-heat, decompose, calcined and will be fed into a cooler. Fuel will be given through gas or coal burner at kiln head and will be combusted in the kiln. Heat will be transferred to material by fire radiate, hot air flow, kiln brick transfer. The heat will heat and calcine material enough and make its final product.


Designed capacity
Product    Rotary kiln
Spec. (m)    Effective volume
Burning temperature
150 active lime Φ2.5×40 142 1350/1250
200 active lime Φ2.8×42 190 1350/1250
250 active lime Φ3×46 235 1350/1250
300 active lime Φ3.2×50 292 1350/1250
400 active lime Φ3.5×56 430 1350
500 active lime Φ3.8×58 505 1350
600 active lime Φ4×60 575 1350
800 active lime Φ4.3×64 738 1350
1000 active lime Φ4.8×68 1005 1350


lime rotary kiln case.jpg

In 2014, A company in Guangxi Province, China purchased a φ4.0 × 60m lime rotary kiln from CHAENG, the rotary kiln was installed in 2017, and it was put into use in June 2017. After use, customers made positive comments that machines of CHAENG have outstanding performance and are good at energy-saving to save large cost for users.

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