Cement grinding with CHAENG highly efficient ball mill

22 Jun,2021 UTC+8 Views:

An inefficient ball mill is a major expense and could even cost you product quality. The best ball mills enable you to achieve the desired fineness quickly and efficiently, with minimum energy expenditure and low maintenance. CHAENG ball mill has many cases around the world for users provide reliable products and services


Low maintenance, high efficiency.

Robust and reliable, flexible design

Installation quicker and less expensive.

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Reliable cement grinding based on 63 years of experience

Buying a new mill is a huge investment. With 63 years of ball mill experience, rest assured – we have the expertise to deliver the right solution for your project. Our ball mill is based on standard modules and the highly flexible design can be adapted to your requirements. The mill comprises the following parts.

Mill body

The mill body consists of an all-welded mill shell and a T-sectional welded-up slide ring at either end, the cylindrical part of which is welded onto the ends of the shell. The mill shell has four manholes, two for each grinding compartment.

Slide shoe bearings

Much simpler foundations and reduced installation height-lower civil costs

Uncomplicated alignment of base plates for lower installation time and cost


The stationary steel plate inlet duct leads the venting air into the mill. It is equipped with a manually operated throttle valve and a pressure monitor to adjust the pressure at the inlet end, thus preventing dust emission from the inlet. The feed chute is lined with bolted-on wear plates and slopes down through the air duct to the mill inlet opening.


The stationary steel plate outlet casing is insulated with mineral wool and provided with seals between the casing and the rotating outlet cone.


The more control you have over the mill, the better your grinding efficiency is likely to be. Our ball mills include monitoring systems to continuously measure the material and air temperatures as well as the pressure at the mill exit.