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Cement Vertical Roller Mill

【Product description】: Cement Vertical roller mill (VRM) is mainly used to grind cement clinker into fine powder during cement production This vertical cement mill is widely used in the grinding of cement raw meal, cement clinker, slag, raw coal and other raw materials
【Product capacity】: 30-720 t/h
【Power】: 25-30 KWh/t
【Specific surface area】: 330-380m²/Kg 
【Motor Power】:25~30 KWh/t

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Great wall cement vertical mill grind materials to related fineness by grinding rollers, you can easy adjusting your product fineness.it can call: Cement Mill, Vertical Cement Mill, Cement Vertical Roller Mill,Vertical Mill for Cement, It is consist of separator, grinding roller,vertical grinding table, pressure loading device, reducer, motor, shell and etc.

1. Technique and technology is mature and stable

Great Wall Company's cement vertical roller mill in the production of cement specific surface area up to 3800 cm²/ g with stable and reliable quality, it already has the ability completely to replace tube mill.

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2. Reducing the power consumption of cement clinker preparation effectively

According to the display of pulverized coal measured data, it can be saving electricity above 30% use of vertical roller mill production per ton cement clinker than traditional tube mill, and the power saving effect is very remarkable.

3. Stable, high-efficiency and environmental protection

There is a low vibration and noise in overall system, and equipment with whole sealing, system working under negative pressure with no dust overflow, clean environment. Therefore, cement vertical roller mill meets the national environmental protection requirements. With working mechanism changing, cement vertical roller mill can be reduced friction and improved service life.

4. With a strong casting capability and short delivery period

Great wall is the third enterprise which has a large-scale complete set casting company in domestic, and it can meet casting capability of single 120t, meanwhile, it has a large-scale machining workshop, can reduce the delivery period of cement vertical roller mill greatly.


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The material through the feed tube fell into the center of grinding plate, and then the materials outwards the surrounding area of grinding plate at centrifugal force, to forms a certain thick layer of materials bed, at the same time material was crushed by number of rollers. The materials continuous moving to the outer edge of the grinding plate, off the grinding plate materials rising with the hot air which enter from wind ring into the vertical roller mill, through the vertical grinding mill shell into the middle of the separator, in this course materials and hot gas got a fully heat exchange, the water quickly evaporates. Separator controls the finished product output size, greater than the specified size are separated and fall back to the plate, while meet the fineness demands are brought through the separator into the finished product warehouse.


Specifications Grinding Table Diameter (mm) Output (t/h) Motor (kW) Output (t/Y)
GRMK26 2600 40~45 1250 250,000
GRMK30 3000 50~55 1400 300,000
GRMK33 3300 60~65 1600 400,000
GRMK36 3600 75~85 2000 500,000
GRMK38 3800 85~95 2240 550,000
GRMK40 4000 100~110 2500 600,000
GRMK43 4300 125~135 3150 800,000
GRMK46 4600 140~160 3550 900,000
GRMK50 5000 160~180 4000 1,000,000
GRMK53 5300 180~200 4500 1,200,000
GRMK56 5600 210~220 5300 1,300,000
GRMK60 6000 250~270 6300 1,500,000
GRMK65 6500 300~330 7300 1,800,000
GRMK70 7000 350~380 8500 2,200,000


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300,000 t/a Vertical Cement Mill in Pakistan

The GRMK vertical cement mill of CHAENG adopts a new generation of cement grinding technology, which integrates grinding, drying and powder selecting functions. It can save 30% of power per ton compared with traditional ball mill. At the same time, it has many advantages, such as less auxiliary equipment, multiple functions, small occupied area and little dust pollution. It is widely used for clinker grinding production in cement plant. CHAENG can provide various types of vertical cement mills with productivity of 50-250t/h. The biggest advantage of CHAENG is to have a large casting base and large machining workshops, which greatly shortens the delivery cycle of cement vertical mill.

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