The importance of limestone grinding equipment? __Vertical Mill

30 Jun,2022 UTC+8 Views:

In order to meet the demand for limestone in cement production, more and more equipment has been introduced for limestone crushing and grinding. At present, vertical mills are widely used.

Limestone vertical mill integrates fine crushing, grinding, drying, powder selection and conveying, energy saving and environmental protection. It not only adopts cage rotor powder separator, but the product fineness can be adjusted freely at 200-600㎡/kg, which can meet the requirements of different production requirements. The demand for products, and the grinding efficiency is high, and the power consumption of the system per ton of stone powder is less than 30 degrees.

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Limestone powder has a wide range of uses, the most common can be used as building materials, metallurgical fluxes, cement accelerators, and fluorescent powder fluxes; it can also be used as fillers or as soil conditioners in agricultural fields, vegetable oil decolorizers, etc., desiccant , gas analysis reagents and refractory materials, etc.

It can be seen that limestone can not only be ground, but also has a wide range of uses, which can not only achieve comprehensive utilization of resources, but also effectively promote industrial development, accelerate economic growth, and bring higher economic benefits.

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