Cement Manufacturing Process - Cement Grinding Plant

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Cement production is generally divided into three processes: raw material preparation, clinker production and finished cement production. Cement grinding plant is an important link in the production of finished cement products. According to the actual cement project, there are three common solutions for cement grinding plants:

1. Cement Roller Press and Ball Mill

2. Closed-circuit ball mill

3. Cement Crusher and Ball Mill

The first solution is the ideal solution, the second solution is simple to maintain but consumes a lot of energy and is not competitive in the market. The third type has problems of crushing effect and stable operation.

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Why do we need cement clinker grinding?

The main function of cement clinker grinding is to provide finished cement products with a certain particle composition. The dispersion of cement can be expressed by fineness and specific surface area. Under the same mineral composition, the higher the degree of dispersion, the finer the cement, the faster the hydration rate, and the higher the strength, especially the early strength. But when the specific surface area exceeds a certain limit, the strong growth is not obvious, and the power consumption increases sharply. The grinding process is different, even if the specific surface area is the same, the strength will be different.