why the cement grinding plant is built elsewhere

31 Aug,2023 UTC+8 Views:

Firstly, the cement clinker is easier and cheaper to store than finished cement. If the integrated plant is far away from the urban areas where the cement is consumed, the cement quality might deteriorate because it is not easy to preserve.

Secondly, lower the transportation costs. Most of the mixing materials are waste slag produced in the city. It will increase transportation costs if they are delivered into the cement plant built near the mining area, made into cement, and then transported to the city.

cement grinding plant.jpg

Last but not least, limited budget. Some cement manufactures could not afford clinker-making machines like limestone crushers, coal mills, cement kilns, cement coolers. Some cement manufactures can't afford cement raw materials that are not available locally. Naturally, they will build a cement grinding plant to make cement by processing clinker purchased from other places.

clinker ball mill.jpg

It is for these reasons that the market for cement grinding stations has grown.