Advantages of CHAENG's GGBS Production Line

14 Sep,2023 UTC+8 Views:

1. Starting from customer needs to avoid project investment waste caused by design

Optimize the overall layout of the production line according to specific conditions, so that the process is simple, smooth, compact, reasonable, and beautiful, so as to reduce the floor space and reduce the consumption of pipes, cables, etc.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection

The whole production line adopts pulse bag filter for dust removal;

The production system adopts the negative pressure process, and the emission concentration of smoke and dust is ≤10mg/m³, which is lower than the national standard;

The vertical grinding process is more energy efficient than other grinding processes.

3. Project quality is guaranteed and delivery is fast

With a large steel casting base, the castings are made by the company from casting to finished products, and the quality and the construction period are guaranteed;

Have a professional project management team with strong coordination ability;

A professional installation team and the installation speed is fast;

An experienced debugging team and the debugging time is short.

slag grinding plant.jpg

4. Provide a full range of technical services to ensure worry-free system operation

During the project implementation process, the customer's technical personnel can participate in the whole process of the project;

Provide various operating procedures required by the project, online operation training, and cultivate a group of excellent technical talents for the customer's project operation.

According to customer needs, provide project operation services, efficiently manage, save costs, and increase the return on the capital operation.

In addition to realizing resource utilization of industrial waste residues such as steel slag, slag, and nickel slag, Xinxiang Great Wall will continue to explore more value cycles of industrial waste residues and be a one-stop service provider for industrial waste residue treatment.