Cement Ball Mill

Vertical Mill Grinding Roller

【Weight】: 1-120Tons

【Material】: ZG30Mn, etc.

【Application】: Vertical roller mill

【Customizable】: Yes, according to customer's drawings

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1. CHAENG uses arc gouging to finish the grinding roller and ensure the surface quality.

2. High-quality raw material ZG30mn improvies the hardness and the wear resistance of grinding roller.

3. We provides customized processing service according to the requirements of customers.

4. We inspect the surface stresses through a systematic detection method to ensure the quality of grinding rollers.

5. Our main flaw detection technologies are: ultrasonic flaw detection (UT), magnetic particle flaw detection (MT), and penetrant testing (PT). The whole casting can meet NDT Level III standards, and key positons can reach Level II. 

Production Process

  • Simulation & analysis

    Simulation & analysis

  • Wood pattern

    Wood pattern

  • Sand mould

    Sand mould

  • Smelting


  • Molten steel test

    Molten steel test

  • Pouring


  • Sand cleaning

    Sand cleaning

  • Heat treatment

    Heat treatment

  • Finishing


  • Machining


  • Non-destructive testing

    Non-destructive testing

  • Packaging & delivery

    Packaging & delivery


Item Introduction
Materials Cast steel
Processes Casting, finishing, machining, testing
Test chemical composition, mechanical property, dimensional check, UT, MT, PT and so on.
Certificate ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007
Machining Rough machined, semi-finished machined, finished machined
Heat treatment Normalized, Normalized and Tempered, Quench and Tempered. CHAENG has2 sets of heat treatment furnaces (max 18m*7m*4m).
Molding pit The deepest molding pit is 45m*16.1m*(-6.0m), the largest casting pit is 87m*16.1m*(-3.5m)


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CHAENG manufactures grinding rollers for an international famous vertical roller mill company. Its good product quality and service attitude won the trust of customers, thus CHAENG has become this company's stable supplier in Chinese area.

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