How can we realize the recycling of nickel slag?-vertical roller mill

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Nickel slag is an industrial waste produced by laterite nickel ore in the process of smelting nickel-iron alloys or refining metallic nickel. It is also called stainless steel slag or nickel-iron slag. At present, the comprehensive utilization rate of nickel slag in my country is low, and its disposal methods are mostly open storage or landfill. This not only wastes resources, takes up a lot of land, but also destroys the surrounding ecological environment, which seriously restricts the sustainable development of the nickel-iron industry.

grinding nickel slag

How can we realize the vertical mill recycling of nickel slag?

The poor grindability of nickel slag is the main reason for its low utilization rate. The silicate, aluminate and other minerals contained in the nickel slag make it have potential gelling activity. However, due to the dense structure of the nickel slag, high mineral crystallinity and a certain amount of iron minerals, it has poor grindability. It severely restricts the comprehensive utilization of nickel slag.

Aiming at the problem of poor grindability of nickel slag, chaeng has launched a nickel slag vertical mill. This vertical mill is not only suitable for high-hardness materials, but also greatly improves the grinding efficiency, reduces grinding power consumption, grinding noise and civil construction investment, and produces The specific surface area of ​​the nickel slag is above 450㎡/kg, which is suitable for cement and concrete admixture.

How to recycle nickel slag?

Studies have shown that nickel slag has pozzolanic activity. After nickel slag is finely ground to a fine powder, it can be added to cement clinker as a cement admixture. Using nickel slag to prepare cement admixture, the addition amount can reach 30%. After many studies and experiments, the results show that nickel slag, like steel slag, slag and other industrial waste slag, can produce clinker cement, and nickel slag has very good activity, which is slightly better than steel slag.