What parts are included in the slag grinding plant

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The slag fine powder processed by the slag powder production line can be used as the production material of cement, which not only solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by the land occupation of raw materials, but also realizes the transformation of waste into treasure and the secondary utilization.

What parts are included in the slag grinding plant?

First of all, a complete slag powder production line, including raw material stacking, feeding, conveying, grinding, drying, powder selection, finished product storage and other essential parts. Under normal circumstances, belt feeder + vibrating screen + slag vertical mill + hot blast furnace + dust collector are indispensable configurations in the mineral powder production line. The specific process is:


Raw material stacking

The site where the slag raw materials are stacked generally requires the storage capacity to meet the production capacity of the production line for one week, and it is closed and not open to avoid dust pollution and rain. In the raw material stacking workshop, there are reclaiming forklifts, unloading, metering and other devices, which are transported to the vertical mill for grinding through the conveyor belt.

Grinding system

The slag vertical mill is the core of the entire slag powder line. It integrates grinding, drying, powder selection and transportation, and is the key to the quality of the final slag powder product. The equipment effectively reduces the power consumption in the production process by 20-30%, and its specific surface area is generally controlled at 4200-4500 cm²/g, so that the fineness of slag and cement and the appropriate gradation of cement and slag can be reasonably controlled to achieve silicic acid. A better match for salt cement and slag.

The drying heat energy required for slag grinding is provided by the hot blast stove, the material is ground by the slag vertical mill, and at the same time, the hot blast stove is used to provide hot air, and the material can be dried.

Warehousing system

The fully ground materials are collected by the dust collector and sent to the finished product warehouse by air conveying chute, elevator and other conveying equipment for storage.

Due to the different needs of users, the selection scheme for the slag production line is also different. For example, some users use a ball mill or a Raymond mill, so the selection scheme is different. Therefore, in order to better realize the secondary utilization of slag, it is recommended to You must choose a large and powerful manufacturer to conduct on-site inspections, face to face with the sales manager, get a customized plan, and improve social and economic benefits while realizing the transformation of slag into treasure!