How to make full use of limestone?

10 Aug,2022 UTC+8 Views:

To "turn" limestone into active lime, calcining equipment is an indispensable equipment, and lime kiln has entered the market because of its advantages of energy saving and high activity of calcined lime, and has been well received!

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The main calcination environment of the lime kiln is inside the cylinder, and the temperature in the calcination zone is as high as 1200 degrees Celsius. In addition, the lime kiln itself rotates and turns at a constant speed, which can make the internal limestone evenly heated, so the quality of lime kiln calcination is relatively high. At the same time, the equipment can directly calcine 10-50mm fine-grained limestone, so that most of the limestone below 40mm can be used, and a lot of mining costs can be saved every year, extending the mining life of the mine. The calcined lime has high activity and can be used in glass manufacturing, building materials, blast furnace ironmaking, cement production, etc., and is widely used.

Lime kiln is mainly composed of kiln head, motor, kiln tail, casing, support device, rotary cylinder, nozzle device, feeding part, control system, energy-saving components, noise suppression circuit and protection circuit. It can be seen that the equipment has the advantages of low energy consumption and strong environmental protection performance, and the raw over-burning rate is less than 8%, the product quality is uniform and the activity is high.

It can be seen from this that lime kiln calcined active lime has good advantages and good development prospects in making full use of limestone resources!

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