Process flow of steel slag grinding plant

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Steel slag is an industrial solid waste produced by converter steelmaking and electric arc furnace steelmaking in iron and steel plants. The main components are calcium silicate, calcium ferrite and other minerals. At present, grinding steel slag as cement admixture or concrete admixture is an important way to realize high value-added utilization of steel slag.

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Steel slag grinding production line process

The steel slag produced by steelmaking in the iron and steel plant is contained in a slag tank at the slag discharge site. The tipping device holds the slag tank tightly and moves the slag tank. Pretreatment realizes the separation of slag and iron, and at the same time stimulates the stability and activity of steel slag; the pretreated steel slag is screened by a vibrating feed screen to remove large pieces of slag steel, and then enters the crushing magnetic separation system, where the steel slag is crushed and removed by a rod mill. Iron purification; the metal iron content of the purified steel slag tailings is less than 2% and the fineness is less than 10mm, of which the metal material can be recycled and returned to the steel plant for sintering and steelmaking; the steel slag below 5mm enters the grinding system and passes through the GRMSS series steel slag. The vertical mill is used for grinding, which is new and environmentally friendly and efficient. The steel slag powder produced has a specific surface area of 400-500 m2/kg. It is widely used in cement and concrete admixtures through the ratio, and realizes the high-value resource utilization of steel slag. In the whole process flow, the environmentally friendly production of slag that does not leave the ground is realized.

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Selection and configuration of steel slag grinding production line

To undertake the construction of a steel slag grinding production line, which generally includes belt feeder + vibrating screen + steel slag vertical mill + hot blast stove + dust collector and other equipment, of which the steel slag vertical mill is the main equipment of the entire production line. %-3% iron content, the iron selection process of the mill system is continuously optimized, and multi-channel iron separators are added to the feeding system, which greatly increases the selection of metallic iron, which not only has good environmental protection effects, but also produces steel slag powder. The fineness is high, the specific surface area of the finished product can reach more than 450~500 m²/kg, and the activity is good. It is suitable for cement active mixture and concrete admixture.